Finding LOVE Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge

As a girl, I always dreamt of my knight in shining armour.

I looked forward to a tall dark handsome guy sweeping me off my feet,we go to these exotic locations like the beach in Maldives and sit by the sea,with our glass of champagne,holding hands and pouring our heart out.

But here I am, with my husband, a tall dark, handsome but boring man who holds my hand so stiffly, he has nothing romantic to say, he’s so rigid when he poses for pics. I cant  imagine how people would laugh at all my Instagram pics, I had made such elaborate plans.but he poured cold water over all my dreams.

Why on earth did I agree to marry this guy?My dreams of a romantic life are all quashed- I silently cry myself to sleep.

I wake up with cramps in my stomach,I can barely move.My periods were always painful. He sits beside me, as I lay my head in his lap, I can see the creases of worry and pain in his eyes. he gets up to heat my hot water bag 10 times and I cry again-“how stupid have I been.if this isn’t love, I don’t know what is”.

Linking up with Sunday Photo Fiction, thanks for the photo prompt.

21 thoughts on “Finding LOVE Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge

  1. Very nice one Akshata. Funny how we care so much about the optics and the picture perfect aspect of things.

    I am getting interior design done for my new apartment now and when I visit some of the interior designer sites, the photos of the interiors they show are so sparkly and shiny and perfect with everything in place and so unreal. It makes you wonder what those houses look like once people actually live in them and how hey hold up under rugged use of a family that really loves and uses their home.

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    1. That’s so true, it’s something we women want so badly. But then you realise a caring husband is anyday better than one who is all lovey dowey but probably that’s it! He stops at that. That’s not a very good situation to be in

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