Lucy and Me #FFFAW #FlashFiction

I saw Lucy the grasshopper when I visited the Zoo at Zurich. She was one of a kind.Sprouting a little yellow flower on her back,her green skin complemented the pink stones she was walking on. I had to have her.

I- Alisha the starlet could have anything she wanted.

After buying her at a exorbitant price, I  was so excited. I spent hours gazing at her, talking to her, took her around in my Louis Vuitton on my trips.

Time passed and  new people, things came into my life. I got bored with her. She was growing old. I no longer had time, she withered away.

I had no inkling the same cruel fate will follow me. Younger actors came and I was pushed to the corner. Youth and beauty is what matters here, Hollywood is a ruthless place.

I missed Lucy today, I wanted to make up for my misdeeds. Alas it was too late.

(156 words)

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