Do you believe in ghosts? #FridayFotoFiction

I had just joined a new MNC as a Director. It was a bit surprising to see the chilled out attitude of people, everyone shut shop by 5. This is outrageous, it won’t work. I would make sure no one chills at the cost of the company.

It was 8pm and the office was deserted. I walked down the steps, an ominous backdrop silence and the click clank of my boots. Thats when I felt it. The presence of someone, breathing behind my back.

I remember Rita mentioning about spirits which come to life once it gets dark here. What rubbish, I had dismissed the theory. But now, I felt scared. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead, my pulse was racing. I quickened my pace.

The next second I heard a ear piercing shriek and I ran for my life.

The sprits of Sarah and Bob did a little jig “Oh these toxic managers who work people to death just like Chris did to us. Some action to get them on track and let the others breathe and enjoy life.Isn’t it all about work life balance?”

(This post is inspired by my experiences in Switzerland – one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the way people actually practise work life bale here. Early to work, early to pack up and use lunch time for fitness and other personal enrichment goals. We in India have a lot to learn. Will put up a longer post on the blog soon)

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23 thoughts on “Do you believe in ghosts? #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Haha. This is super. I so wish there were Sarah and Bob in every office in India. We actually need to separate work from personal life. But, I doubt we can ever do that. That’s what we are known and admired for, for being hardworking.

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      1. Well, I think there is nothing wrong in being hardworking. What’s wrong is pestering people for work and at irregular time. Plus, employees also need to learn to say no. We need to fix hours for work. We cannot work for 17 hrs a day everyday.


      2. It’s not about being hardworking at all, it’s about learning to balance work life effectively and saying no to unreasonable requests. I can actually feel how essential it is to get this right as I grow more senior in my role. 17 hours is insane I don’t think one should think of anything beyond 9 to 10. And that’s why I say looking at my Swiss colleagues here, the reason they are a happier lot is because they get this balance right. They understand there is a life beyond work and to thrive it’s important that you take out time for your personal goals to – be it fitness, family, hobbies etc


  2. Work life balance is so important Akshata for ones’s mental and physical well- being. It is high time we address it seriously. Great take on the prompt. Love the variety of meaningful subjects that you choose to write about each time. Message was conveyed so subtly in this one. Kudos 🙂

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  3. A work life balance is actually important for all to stay healthy. In India most of our time is taken up travelling to and fro to work and the balance by working late hours . A great and meaningful read.

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