Serendipity and Unhappy Endings #FridayReflections

Have you watched the movie Serendipity? The lead actor is John Cussack one of my favourites. Its a romantic movie about a couple who meets and parts without exchanging their whereabouts, they decide to write their names and phone numbers on the cover of a book and a currency note- if the universe wants them to meet, they shall find each other. They end up finding each other and its a happily ever after.

Serendipity is a series of accidents, events which lead to a happy ending, thats if one goes purely by the definition. It sounds so romantic and nice doesn’t it? But does it always end up being a happy ending in real life?

Siya was excited- the first time they met, it seemed purely by chance and then they kept bumping into each other. A series of events, sparks flew and their attraction which seemed purely physical took a deeper meaning. Everything felt magical and beautiful. It was like the universe conspiring to bring them closer, how else would she explain the series of events which don’t seem rational but at the same time they felt so beautiful and pure.

But suddenly one day she woke up and the magic was gone, its like someone had poured icy cold water and she was left braving the aftermath. He had decided to call it quits, he had his own reasons which made sense if one thought very rationally from the mind. But this was a thing of the heart. Would the heart be able to accept this rational decision made by the mind and move on , as if life was just perfect and nothing had ever happened?

Everything around her seemed normal- people joking, laughing, its a regular day just that the seat beside her is empty. Will this feeling of hopelessness last forever or would she break this negative chain and free her soul?

Life is not perfect- where you meet the person of your dreams, fall in love, marry and its a happily ever after. Things do take a turn and when you are left in the lurch to deal with it, it does get tough. Dealing with the pain is what takes away a lot from you, at times it leaves you drained, bitter, angry, with a hopeless feeling, the feeling that everyone is a jerk and you shouldn’t open your heart again to anyone ever.

But the thing is – nothing lasts forever. The pain subsides, sometimes it takes longer but you realise bit by bit its getting better. You are living your life, less and less on auto mode. You have started taking an interest in things you do, you are finding yourself back. You have healed for you realise it was not meant to be. You would be on guard for you don’t want to hurt yourself again but does that mean you stop trusting, loving someone and close all the doors to your heart? Should an unhappy ending change you as a person? To some extent it does, but it does not alter your core. It leaves you shaken but you learn to get a hold of yourself, for you are more important than someone who was not worth it.

Unhappy endings teach you something about life and more importantly about yourself- are you able to put it behind and move on, maybe you will laugh over it someday in the future. You need to do it for no one else but yourself for you deserve far better than ruining your life over someone who never cared or something that was not meant to be.

Serendipity and unhappy endings are not really unhappy when you think of them in hindsight as they teach you some invaluable lessons about life, love, dealing with the ugly part of life and darkness and emerging out of it to fill your life with sunshine again.

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15 thoughts on “Serendipity and Unhappy Endings #FridayReflections

  1. Every experience in life teaches you something. I think it is important to be positive , introspect and move on. There will always be something to look forward to. Let going of the past seems difficult and the memories of the good times spent would keep surfacing on the mind , but that doesn’t mean that we keep regretting in the present .

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    1. That’s true but it’s easier said than done. I have always felt it easy looking at someone dillusioned and telling them these things but the one in pain is probably in s totally different zone. I do feel time heals pain and this time could mean shorter or longer for different people

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  2. True, Akshata.
    Unpleasant incidents in our life with people we cared about change us, for sure, and they make us wary of people and certain emotions. We do change to an extent and begin focusing on ourselves, but our basic nature remains the same. We do begin to love again, trust again, but with care and caution. We learn that we our precious and of utmost importance to ourselves and learn to give ourselves the priority we didn’t earlier.
    Certain things happen serendipitously, but we still need to be careful not to get carried away!

    Loved the film Serendipity. Have seen it quite a few times! 🙂

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    1. That’s a lovely message Shilpa! At times it seems like the world has stood still but slowly bit by bit things get brighter and one emerges out of the darkness with more love for self, the scars heal and life is all about new hope and a new day again. Thx for these tid bits 😊

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  3. According to my friend who is always giving me gyaan – nothing happens by accident or serendipity. Everything happens for a reason. It is pre-ordained or pre-determined by the Powers that be Above. BTW I didn’t enjoy the movie Serendipity at all. I thought it was a bit contrived and far fetched.

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  4. Loved the line about how unhappy endings don’t change your core… Yes it shakes you a bit… But one can jump back… It may take some time… But love will find you 😊
    Beautifully written.

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