The Casanova #FridayFotoFiction

He sat on the steps , just outside the arena where the Fearless Girl and The Bull were erected.

Impeccably dressed in a suit, the Tag Heuer watch and Aviator sunglasses, immersed in the Business Times, he looked like the busiest person on Wall Street.

He had inhertited his Greek God looks from his father. No one could move ahead without a second glance.

As he saw her walking towards him, he looked up and smiled. A new story was about to begin, he could feel his pulse racing.

His mind raced back- “you farmer boy, illiterate, which girl would go out with a uncultured idiot like you”?

Today, he was the heartthrob of many- one night stands, a few longer ones- they came, they went.

Did he still long for “The one”? He dint know. His feelings has been crushed badly and he wasn’t ready to take that pain again

(150 words)

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30 thoughts on “The Casanova #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Brilliantly weaved Akshata. Love can be like that and one rejection can wreck our confidence, shying us away from relationship. I didn’t date for 8 years after my relationship went kaput and it’s only now I am open to things. So, it’s something I can relate but of course, not exactly in this same fashion.

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  2. Cycle of Karma…sow and so shall u reap! Hope someday he will understand the folly and settle down with “the one”.

    Urban tale… gud one Akshata!

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