Letter to a feminist from the 50’s #WTFOW #WriteBravely

Dear Dadi,

It feels a bit odd to be writing a letter to you when I know you are fast asleep in the bedroom right  next to me. But there are so many things that I have always wanted to say and at times they may not come out verbally as beautifully as they do through a letter. As most of them usually say and so do you, Akshu you write well- I hope I write a letter which conveys my feelings and I succeed in expressing how much I look upto you.

You are 80 now  though as most people say you don’t look your age – I love the fact that you take care of yourself, nourish your soul and worship your body. You go to the saloon and get a beauty treatment done, buy that pair of jeans and apply lipstick and eye liner before you go out- I admire that you treat yourself so well. Unlike most people your age who look older because they fail to take care of themselves, they give the excuse of age but for you age is merely a number.

You have always been a trend setter in many ways- the 60’s in India where women hardly worked- you pursued your career relentlessly. After being a mom of 2, and having a full time job, you studied in evening college and completed your Masters degree. I am an ambitious woman and my appetite to excel and keep moving forward is what I believe I have inherited from you.

The way you hungrily devour the newspaper or a book and talk animatedly about politics makes me so happy to see that you take keen interest in things and that has not dwindled with age.

The way you always encourage me to excel at work, quote examples from your struggling days, talk about how important it is to love oneself and nourish our soul- I will always be thankful for these nuggets of wisdom.

You lost your soul mate after 58 years of togetherness, I can only imagine the immense pain you went through and how difficult it must have been to pick up pieces of your life and start living again. Its been 3 years now and its heartening to see how you have rebuilt your life and you are happy.

My heartfelt thanks for being such an awesome grand mum and here’s wishing you many more years of happiness. Live life queen size- this is what I learnt from you.



(Dadi is my maternal grand mum)

The prompt for Day 5 is Write a letter


30 thoughts on “Letter to a feminist from the 50’s #WTFOW #WriteBravely

  1. You are blessed to have such a super woman in your life. God bless your grandma! She is really a role model to follow and your letter oozes with the component of gratitude towards her!
    Loved the lines “nourish he soul and worship the body”
    -Anagha from Team Mocktailmommies

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  2. What a fantastic granny you have Akshata! Even I feel inspired reading about her. After a certain age, women, especially Indian women tend to give up on their looks and health, which is so sad. Live life full and age gracefully. Loved this post.

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  3. That’s an inspiring post Akshata..hats off to your dadi…I wish I can be like her if I get to reach that age…women like her are the ones who paved way for us to succeed in life no matter what happens.

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  4. Hey Hey Akshata! What a delightful post! Your grandmother is exactly my kind of role model and how I envision myself in my old age..rocking and still having that zest for life. You are extremely fortunate to have such powerful female influences in your life. And so is your daughter. I now see clearly where you get your inspiration from and why you are as awesome as you are. Keep rocking …keep writing. Love always, Tina

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  5. Please give her a big hug from me and tell her someone half her age wishes and hopes that she will be as spritely and agile in mind, body and soul as she is!! This is really incredible to read Aks. I have ageing parents and I see them going through things; I always push them to be active and involved in things!! You are blessed that your Grandmum is in it on her own!! May she have a glorious Innings for ever more!!! Much love and hugs

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