Be careful what you wish for #FFFAW #FlashFiction

“The yogi looked at me in the rear view mirror and smiled. You both appear to be deeply in love”. “Oh yes” , the excited me chirped. “Its been 6 months now and it feels magical. I cant stay without him one minute, I wish I could be with him 24*7, every moment. Like now.… Continue reading Be careful what you wish for #FFFAW #FlashFiction

A closet full of nothing #FridayFictioneers

I was so excited, we had moved to a new house. I opened the door expecting to see a closet where I could store all my handbags and shoes. I was in for a nasty surprise. The closet was full of old clothes, baskets,mop and a grandfather clock. I called out to Mom.”Who the hell… Continue reading A closet full of nothing #FridayFictioneers

The cauldron #FFfAW Challenge

I saw her every morning as I jogged and passed by her strange creepy ensemble outside the park.Many pots lined up in a row with brightly coloured liquids simmering within,the concoction looked ominous.The old lady with tattoos all over her body,tattered clothes,unkempt hair,hunched nearby chanting something and calling out to Satan. “The day the pots… Continue reading The cauldron #FFfAW Challenge