As you turn 8 my love #LetterstoAngel

I was in a quandary as I usually am these days when it comes to penning down my thoughts- Should I? Shouldn’t I? How much should I let me heart pour out on a topic that occupies the biggest space in my heart? I have been having inhibitions about what I post these days and this wasn’t going to be an easy one. As I usually do on such occasions and since this concerns you, I asked you and you looked straight into my eyes and without a blink, said “Listen to your heart mumma”. So here I am.

You completed 8 years 2 weeks ago and boy how time has flown, today I wanted to talk about the most wonderful moments we have shared as a mother and daughter and why my heart swells with pride when I look at you:

  1. When you were little, I had always pictured us having conversations about books, like serious one- what did we like, the characters, our perspectives on how they shaped up , that was the kind of conversations I wanted to have with my girl on a subject thats very dear to me. I only hoped you would take to reading too. And lo behold! I was taken aback when you told me you read “Little Women” at the library. Aren’t you too young for it? I had my doubts about how much you had actually absorbed and I asked you which March sister did you like the most? I was gobsmacked to hear how your articulated your thoughts about why Joe March was your hero and so was Beth. Perhaps it was silly of me to draw these boundaries and compare you reading abilities to mine at the same age- that was a different time and a different person!
  2. I have had the most amusing conversations with your teachers at PTM. When they tell me how diligent you are and how you help your classmates with completing their notes, in fact sometime in the past when they were struggling and couldn’t keep pace with your instructions, you got impatient and told them you will write their notes for them! And thats when your teacher said “NO, only help them , do not write it out for them”. I love how organised you are ( at school they say, at home its a different story altogether!) , about how you are sometimes immersed in your own world and while you have your set of friends , you are at home all by yourself as well. You dont seem perturbed when you are alone and you enjoy those moments of solitude. I have always believed enjoying one’s own company is a gift every person should cherish.
  3. You bring out my best, the Sunday ritual where you unfailingly insist I tell you a bath time story about this imaginary character we created “Pangel” has me at my wits end at times, cos I cant always concoct a story thats both interesting and adventurous and has a moral but you never let me get away. I have at times ,in exasperation made up some soppy stories but that doesn’t deter you. In hindsight I think I should post these as a Pangel series, your cues make for interesting Pangel Tales.
  4. I like how you value your friendships , while you have few friends, the reason you bond with them as you tell me often, how you make a conscious attempt to nourish these relationships makes me so proud of you my girl
  5. The bond we share as a family, the hugs and sloppy kisses, the good nights and tuck ins, the way your eyes light up when I come back from work on those rare days when I come home in time before you go to bed, and as you squeal with joy when I say I am working from home today- I only pray and hope this stays as is
  6. I love our movie nights, with chicken popcorn , curled up on the sofa, lights turned off and our post movie discussions on what we liked and the quizzes you insist we take to assess who remembers how much.
  7. Mumma daughter time as you proudly call it – be it a movie night or scrabble, snakes and ladders, reading a book together or crossword in bed; its what warms the cockles of my heart and despite stressful days at work sometimes, the thought of the upcoming weekend and Mumma daughter time with you makes me all fuzzy
  8. The riddles and jokes you come up with – you lately started doing that after watching YouTube videos, they amuse me and how!

The list can go on and on but on your 8th I will write about 8. I will end my note by saying that stay as you- loveable, empathetic, a girl who knows her mind and dont ever shy away from speaking it out, intelligent, a nerd and a proud one at that, a ballerina, Mumma and ma’am’s girl- be yourself and find your spark within. Lots of love.

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