Word of the year #WOTY-Endurance

Almost a fortnight into the New Year and I wonder if its a tad too late to write about my WOTY for 2020. The bright side is its never too late! In fact having gone through 2 weeks where I focussed on my physical health and building my “endurance” it sure seems the perfect WOTY to focus on this year.

WOTY for me is not merely something I carve out , work on for a few days and then forget. It is a conscious attempt to focus on what I have carefully chosen to do for the rest of the year.

So why have I chosen “Endurance” and how do I want it to impact my life this year?

I started with my fitness journey around Q4 last year when I joined a gym , it was and is always a struggle waking up in the morning and going to a gym to work out when you can comfortably snuggle in your blanket. But the importance of working out, or indulging in some form of physical activity cannot be ignored. Especially when I live a sedentary life where I spend 9-10 hours sitting in front of the computer.

Its been a few months and my love for “working out”has only increased. When I see how it has transformed me physically , how I have built up my stamina and feel more energetic, it has motivated me to strive harder. I want to see myself working out with more rigour in 2020, build my physical endurance and enjoy the journey.

Apart from physical endurance, one can never undermine mental endurance- how important it is to build it. While I am totally loving the state I am in today, personally and professionally , I do foresee a lot of challenges coming up this year. Dealing with them requires me to have nerves of steel (literally!) and that comes from building my ability to handle tough situations, confrontations, arguments while maintaining my calm and be able to think rationally. Hence the need to focus on mental endurance.

As always I will focus on “me”, loving myself, not being too hard on myself but not getting complacent at the same time, pampering myself and indulging in things I love. Whats your WOTY? Do share your views , look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “Word of the year #WOTY-Endurance

  1. I too have started working out more consistently over the past few months. And while I don’t particularly enjoy it. I do enjoy the results – of improved endurance and stamina.

    Love your chosen WOTY. Wishing you a great 2020!

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