When life comes full circle #SundayPhotoFiction

I looked at the bookshelf that Rohan had bought, the books neatly lined up.-varied colours, sizes, each carrying stories of diverse people and their journeys, happy and sad ones, funny ones and scary ones. Once upon a time I would have devoured them all, without a tea break , such was my love for books.

But with time , responsibilities at home, 2 girls to care for, my job, somewhere I gradually let go of books. Today after 25 years when my girls had flown the nest , I had retired and we lived a peaceful life, I had all the time but was finding it difficult to get back to books. There were a 1000 thoughts swarming in my mind and I put down the book in frustration.

I heard a cooing sound and saw my little neighbour girl trying to get hold of a book. Something clicked and there I was sitting on my rocking chair with her, a book in hand as we gleefully devoured the story of a brave knight. I had found my mojo back and life seemed full of adventure again.

183 words

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