The story of hot chapatis and chatpata chicken

Rajiv and Aria had one thing that they both absolutely loved, in fact it was this common love that made them meet, date and decide to to tie the knot. It was the love for chicken!

They first met at the opening of a new restaurant in town which had come up with an innovative menu of the world’s most exotic chicken dishes. They bonded over chatpata chicken (a tangy Indian chicken preparation). 

Wedding bells came ringing soon and it was Aria’s first day in her new home. She was excited to embark on this new journey. They had just settled down in a new flat, the best part was it was going to be just the 2 of them now.

The first day after joining work had been super hectic. By the time she got home, she was ready to drop dead. She called out to her mom to get her some dinner, she was starving.Thats when it hit her “ocuh she had to make arrangements for dinner herself”.

Looking into the fridge, she was happy to see the takeaway they had ordered last night, some chicken gravy which was left over. She quickly made some salad and heated bread. Perfect dinner, light on the tummy but tasty at the same time.

Rajiv came home late and hardly had he set foot in the house, when he asked “Whats for dinner?”

Aria watched him open mouthed, she was disappointed that he had not even asked her  about how she was, she decided to brush it aside and lured him towards the table, holding her hands over his eyes.

One look at the food and his expression changed. “Bread?? Who eats bread for dinner? And stake chicken? Aria I cant have such food. I am used to eating hot piping rotis and freshly made veggies or chicken. After a tiring day at work, doesn’t every man deserve a hot and tasty meal?”

Aria’s eyes were now as wide as saucers. But she put on her best smile and held his hand gently. “yes honey, not just a man, a woman would love to be served hot and tasty food too. I have a fantastic idea to have this wish fulfilled. Give me a minute”

She went inside and came back with a notebook which she handed over to him with the most beautiful smile “This is my mom’s most prized possession. The family cook book which has been passed over from my great grandmom to grandmom, then to mom and now to me. Its really precious but I want to gift this to the person I love. This is for you my darling, I hope we can have some tasty and hot food on the table from now on, you wont run short of ideas, I promise. Just make sure dinner is served by 10 pm honey”

With that Aria coolly walked towards the table to enjoy her meal as Rajiv stood with the cookbook, his mouth open like a fish.

Image courtesy- kurkure

15 thoughts on “The story of hot chapatis and chatpata chicken

  1. Hahaha! That’s “aaj ki naari”! Perfect!
    True, why must women be even expected to do all the household chores after returning tired from work? Men ought to chip in, too! Time to change!

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      1. Hey Aksh. I’ve not been very active lately 😦 But today I’m back with a post and I hope that I can keep up the streak this time around. I’ve been busy, going through a rather dry spell as far as writing is concerned. But otherwise, I’m more than fine. πŸ˜€

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