Knight in shining armour #WriteBravely #ShortStory

When I was a little girl, Mommy read these fairy tales for me. They always spoke of a tall, dark, handsome prince who would come riding on a horse and sweep me off my feet. And then we would live happily ever after.

I grew up fantasising about this. And waiting desperately for this knight in shining armour. But as time passed by I realised that maybe this wasn’t meant for me.

When I had lost all my hope, like a beacon of hope, Raj entered my life and life was suddenly magical. Instead of black and white, I could see myriad colours and everything seemed so beautiful.

When we looked at each other for the first time, the eye contact that lasted longer than usual made me realise that there was more to this. We started hanging out as friends initially, we both knew about the passion that burned within us but we maintained our composure, both scared to make the first move.

My parents were too conservative and wouldn’t accept our relationship, I always knew that.

But how long could we keep our love hidden in our hearts? It had to burst one day. We were drenched in the showers of love and this felt like the best rain I had ever experienced.

Each day after college we spent hours on the beach, hidden behind the giant rocks, holding hands, as our lips locked. We planned about our future. We had to run away, far far away where no one knew us.

Raj was hoping to find a job soon.And then we would take off.

It was a usual day and we were in our favourite spot exploring each other. All of a sudden we heard a loud shriek and to my utter shock it was my aunt who had caught us red handed “you shameless girl, why dint you jump into the sea than commit a sin like this” she shrieked.

On hearing her screams, my cousin brothers came and looked at us with disgust in their eyes. “Quick get them moving before anyone else gets an inkling”, bellowed the oldest one.

Before we knew, we were shoved into their car, someone put a hanky on my face to stop me from screaming and I lost consciousness.

The next day, the newspapers carried the  tragic news” 2 college girls Shweta Amin and Rajlkshmi Iyer drowned last night when they went for a swim.They were caught in the tide and met a brutal end as the waters swept them 5 kms away from the shore. The  families are in shock.”

My dream of a knight in shining armour had come true, just that it wasn’t a knight in my story but a dame. And we will now live happily forever, in another world where love has no labels.

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 2018




43 thoughts on “Knight in shining armour #WriteBravely #ShortStory

  1. Wow! That was simply beautiful, Akshata! I hadn’t expected to read about the dame instead of the knight. But, you treated the love story with such sensitivity! Sad ending, though, for people in our country are yet to find the freedom to choose the one they wish to spend their life with. Especially, if that special someone happens to belong to the same sex.
    How I wish the scenario changes and people find the happiness they deserve. ❤

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    1. Thanks Shilpa for writing in. It’s always wonderful to hear from you. Such elaborate comments make me feel so happy. It’s indeed sad when we don’t have freedom to choose something as important as our life partner. Hope things change some day


  2. Didn’t see that coming…. Its hard enough to be in love with the opposite sex with the problems of caste, religion, status and what not. So can imagine how difficult it must be for the protagonists in your story. Nice post

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