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Mid age is when a broad mind and narrow waist exchange places- I read this somewhere. While I am making earnest attempts to not let that waist broaden further, in terms of my mind, I would say it has only gotten broader, more liberal and tolerant.

Life is a roller coaster- my career is booming. As a Vice President in an MNC, my day is full of meetings, dealing with people issues which is always more tough than the technical ones. The monthly hiring round to various cities and the quarterly visit to London where my stakeholders sit.I absolutely love what I do and am elated to be among the top performers here, its this burning desire that propels me forward. I do wish to see myself right at the top and take more women with me as I reach the summit.

Being a mom to a growing girl is not easy and coupled with my responsibilities at the workplace, I do struggle for time.

As a couple we share the load when it comes to parenting, this make it easier and enjoyable. It helps us to bond better and the little one knows very clearly that there is no such demarcation between whats Mommy’s job and Daddy’s job.

Mumma goes on week long trips and Daddy gets her ready for school , takes her studies and attends the PTA on some days and on other days its Mumma who takes up these tasks.

One thing that I have made a conscious attempt to make time for despite the maddening schedule is my set of friends. They are a handful but a monthly Saturday night spent with them leaves me rejuvenated. This is something I never miss, in fact it takes a lot of effort from all 4 of us to keep this ritual as we fondly call it “The Girl’s Rendezvous” going.

Sheena is a homemaker but has lot of responsibilities living in a joint family, Rashmi is an air hostess and we allow her the benefit of her profession to skip this meet at times. Megha is  professional sports anchor and is running a much crazier schedule than me.

As women we often tend to give up too much of ourselves in the name of our spouse, kids, parents, in laws and job. We forget to make time for ourselves, for friends and when we realise the mistake we made and try to make amends, its too late.

Men seldom miss their beer night with the boys at the club, so why should we women miss that Saturday dinner date with our girl gang? Let your hair loose, put that ticking alarm clock to rest (gone are the days of Cindrella where you need to get back before 12), laugh out loud, dance, be silly and blabber. Create memories for now is the time.

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My theme for the challenge is

“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.  

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53 thoughts on “Rendezvous #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

    1. Thx! This is not my story though but a fictional piece written in first person. I dont meet my friends every month but I do have some strong bonds, we find solace chatting usually as we live in different cities

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  1. yup as meha says this post is so reminiscent of sex and the city. making time for yourself is so important. I read somehwere that a healthy relationship is made of two happy individuals and it is so true. We must find our own happiness and not depend on our spouse or family for it. A spouse that enhances that happiness is ideal though.

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  2. Lovely post, Akshata. I loved it, right from the image (though people criticize Carrie and her friends, I love them) to the opening quote and the fact that a woman must make it a point to meet her friends often. New to Mumbai, my friends here are actually mothers of my daughter’s friends. We are a close knit grop now, and we make it a point to meet as often as possible. Now, we even try to include our hubbies once in a while. It’s a happy family.

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  3. ‘ME’ time acts like a desert post your main course. It’s a must to rejuvenate your soul either spending that lovely evening in solitude or having a blast with your girls gang. Lovely post Akshata.

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  4. Having those handful friends and making time to meet. Such a bliss for the month. The schedules are crazy but making it is what makes it more important. Another good message here. Balance with work, life, family, friends, and passion.

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  5. Yes its very important to keep in touch with friends regularly carving out time from the busy schedule. Nice to know about your get together. Not sure if the write is fictional.

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  6. You have covered the real essence of the life well Akshata, as rightly said when men seldom forgo their beer joints with buddies why do we. Time spent with friends is best stress buster one can seek after maddening course of life.

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  7. I just love the time I spend with my friends. Be it tea time or Saturday nights. We enjoy every bit. Women should do it often. I am so looking forward to my trip to Hyderabad in May.

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