Finding my silver lining #FridayFictioneers

The test result was negative again, my hopes were crushed yet another time. The woollen cap I was knitting for my baby would not adorn its head now.

Multiple visits to the gynec, series of tests and still no success. I had done it all- in the hope of becoming a mother.

5 years of my life- it all seemed futile now. Hope was ebbing out.

The caps, sweater, socks lay untouched.

I saw the ad one day- “Please donate woollen clothes for orphans”.

That evening I visited them, tears welled up in my eyes. I have been blind, pining for my own blood when here there are so many young children yearning for a mother’s love. Whose grief is bigger?

I threw away the pregnancy kit that night, life had taken a new turn for the better.

Linking up with the awesome Rochelle Wisoff for #FridayFictioneers . You can read the other stories here.

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