SoulMates #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Dhruv and Shweta gazed at the drawings on the cave wall- a stone man and what appeared like a square box or was it something else?

Dhruv couldn’t remember.

“Ah this one is the tennis court just outside our house where we will play a game every evening and I will beat you.”

“Shwe you haven’t changed one bit.We were 10 that time, weren’t we,when we drew these? Time flies.”

Its amazing to recall childhood memories. Do you remember  we were insistent that we will grow up , get married and live happily ever after? How gullible we were, life seemed so simple.

“I am glad we found our paths, I found Shreya and you found Deepak.”

They chatted for sometime,hugged and parted ways.

Dhruv looked back  but she did not turn.Our story could have been different,Shwe he sighed. I would love to come home to you every evening and wont mind losing.

Shweta wiped a tear from her eye,”I wish you had asked me once, life would be different today”

(170 words)

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17 thoughts on “SoulMates #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. Some lines run parallel and never cross, just like their lives. What a touching story, Akshata! How do you manage to spin out such tasteful, sensible, heart warming stories, I wonder! Kudos to you.

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