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They  donned their caps and stood in attention, their chest swelled in pride. Some were as young as 22, a few were older. They came from diverse backgrounds, different states and cultures.A few were mums, leaving their tiny tots behind in the care of family had not been easy but they knew there was a bigger purpose.

Today as Indian Navy officers, this all women crew would create history by embarking on a journey circumventing the globe- a first ever by an all Indian women crew. They were daughters, sisters, moms, wives but they had another identity which superseded all.

As the new Defence Minister, another strong woman walked aboard to flag off the event, a sense of pride, patriotism and power filled the environment. They would tell their daughters one day- “you can be anything you want, you can swim the ocean, your Mumma went around the globe”

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Author’s note- An all women Indian crew of the navy has begun a new journey of circumventing the globe on their sailboat INSV Tarini. In 8 months they hope to cover a distance of 216,000 nautical. You can read more here

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17 thoughts on “Creating history #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. Such a proud moment for every Indian! I didn’t know about this, I am going to share this with Mishti too. Our children should know what a girl is capable of achieving with determination.

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