Memories #FridayFotoFiction

Ryan and Reena were the couple everyone envied. Made for each other,talented, rich, famous,he a renowned pianist and she a gifted singer. Her melodious voice lightened the room and his notes perfectly in sync,blended harmoniously in.

A tragic accident which claimed her life and sent him into the chasms of loneliness, he vowed never to touch the piano again. The piano gathered dust,unwanted, unloved, untouched it lay till one day he ventured out and touched the keys lovingly. Tears streamed from his eyes as he played the first song that they had composed together 25 years ago. From that day,he never stopped playing. He realised this was perhaps the only way of keeping the memories alive and it was. a fitting tribute to the love of his life- it was music that brought them together and that could never be a reason to alienate the passion that they jointly shared.

(150 words)

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29 thoughts on “Memories #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Great one! Couldn’t get my head around this photo prompt. Must admire the way you have done it though.
    Wish you the best for Alexa and everything in life, Aks!

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