Green Bangles- #BarAThon

Meera looked at her barren hands, her forehead bereft of sindoor and bindi, the pale colored saree – they kept screaming at her “You are a widow, an unfortunate, unlucky soul. The symbols of marriage that once adorned you have now all been taken away. What use are they when the person in whose honor you wore them is no longer in this world?”

She remembered the first time she wore green bangles on her wedding day, the red color paithani saree  and jewellery she was adorned with, the mangal sutra and sindoor which became her lifelong companion till this day when cruel destiny snatched everything away from her.

She looked at the green bangles , a forlorn look in her eyes. Her daughter stood beside her. Little Asha all of 11, looked at her mother with innocent eyes “Aai why don’t you wear your bangles? What has Baba got to do with it?”

Is a woman’s life and happiness tied solely to a man? The symbols of a married woman – when a woman refuses to adorn them does that make her any less of a wife? Why is everything snatched away from her the moment her husband breathes his last? Doesn’t she have a right to decide for herself? Does she cease to be a wife?

Meera picked up the green bangles wiping a tear and wore them. I choose to wear them for myself, for my Asha. A woman’s life is tied to no one.  Her destiny is in her hands.

(This post has been written for the second edition of  BAR-A-THON, the fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere!  My theme is “7 colours of the rainbow ROYGBIV”. I present a Flash Fiction in 300 words  based on one colour  for each day of the challenge and blend it with something that personifies that colour)

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21 thoughts on “Green Bangles- #BarAThon

  1. Wonderful Akshata ❤ even I believe in this, what we do, wear, or our way of life is for us, because that's what we want and no one can dictate that.

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  2. You knowwhat? it is very relevant topic because there is so much social stigma around what a widow should wear or do. But recently I have also met ladies who chose not to go white when their husbands breathed there last and their families too supported them.
    Thanks for this touching story!

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  3. A beautiful story filled with lesson Akshata. We often forget that a woman is human and is an individual who shouldn’t be tied to a man or society’s definition what she should be. Thumbs up for this power packed narration and reflection:)

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  4. It’s heart breaking to see how widows are expected to give up on their identities, happiness and joys in life. She has to adapt to her expected stigmatized cultural role. A sad reality for so many women.

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