My life, my way #FlashFiction

The skyscrapers terrified me as a newbie, its a lonely life here. Plenty of money, luxuries, everything except for love and laughter they said. As you move higher, the lonelier you will get.

Is it worth it, I thought a thousand times as I saw the flashy suits and wondered what was hidden beneath the facade. I stayed on as I loved my work and I met all sorts- the ones who cheered you, the ones who scorned, the ones who stabbed. With time I learnt, what mattered the most is “me”.

I learnt to trust my instincts, enjoy my company, I learnt that one has to make hard choices sometimes and face the consequences too but hey its worth it when you choose for yourself.

Linking up with Fiction Monday hosted by Vinita, my post is up late! But I coukldnt resist writing on this photo prompt.

Pic courtesy-Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “My life, my way #FlashFiction

      1. Hey Akshata, there is a word prompt too. This week why not write for the word prompt. It is ‘STROLL’.
        I was putting up two prompts one word and a picture every two weeks. Now I think that’s confusing. From next weekend onwards I will post one prompt every week. And will tag you on Twitter when the post goes live. Hope that’s okay? 😊

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