Flu Vaccine- Here is what parents need to know

As a parent, one of the worst nightmares is your baby contracting the flu. Protecting the child through vaccination is the best option. Some parents are worried about the side effects of the flu vaccine but the child must be protected from the flu under all circumstances.

Below are the common side effects when you vaccinate your child [1] –

  • Soreness, redness or in some cases slight swelling. This usually lasts for 1-2 days.
  • Headaches or slight pain in the muscles which also lasts for a day and wears off.
  • Dizziness and in rare cases fainting. In such cases it helps having something to eat before taking the vaccine and making sure an adult is around at all times to assist the baby.
  • Mild fever which is one of the most common side effects of getting the flu shot. This again should wear off in a day or two. For fever, you can ask the pediatrician for possible treatment options.
  • Itching and rashes- A few cases of itching at the injected part or body rashes have been seen. It is important to seek immediate medical attention in such cases.

Apart from the side effects of flu vaccine for infants, make sure of a few important points. If your child has had a severe reaction to the flu vaccine in the past or your child is ill you should talk to the pediatrician before administering the vaccine. 

I recall the days when my daughter was an infant and had to take the flu vaccine. There were a few side effects like mild fever and slight redness on the spot of the shot. Ice water pack and some medicine helped her get back to normal.

As a parent one is often worried about the side effects of flu vaccine in infants but it is better to get a flu shot, and keep your baby safe. Also remember this is not a one-time thing like many other infant vaccinations. This has to be taken every year to ensure constant protection. After all as parents don’t we also want the best for our baby?




Image courtesy : the conversation.com

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