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School days are supposed to be the most memorable days of one’s life. But at this point, going to school doesn’t really make me happy. And its got nothing to do with studies or exams. In fact I am someone who loves to study, not all subjects of course. I dread Math and don’t really enjoy Geography but History fascinates me and English continues to remain my favourite subject.

I can’t wait for a new academic year to begin. When Mumma gets the fresh set of books from school I run to open my English text book and devour the stories there. I remember being hooked onto “The Merchant of Venice”, I read it so many times that by the time the teacher taught the lesson, I knew it by heart. My love for studies came from an innate desire to learn something new. When I started schooling, Mumma made it a habit to make me sit and study in the evenings. I loved this precision. It worked well for me as I enjoyed what I did and that reflected in my grades. I was the school topper. But that invited the wrath of many children and parents.

I was the pet of many teachers much to the annoyance of some kids. “Nerdy” “Padaku” were some of the names I was called. The naive me often bent her head down and walked away. I remember sinking my head in the pillow and sobbing silent tears. But as I grew up and saw how different my life was compared to many of my school mates, be it in terms of my career and lifestyle which I could indulge in because of the money I made, I realised it was my hard work and perseverance over the years that had paid off.

I always wonder why people shame those who are studios. My good friend Karan was shamed more than me ,the kids often called him a “sissy” as he loved burrying his head in books instead of going out to play.

Shouldn’t each one of us be free to indulge in what we love without fear of ostracisation?

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“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.  


42 thoughts on “Friends and Foes #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. As the poster girl of nerdiness supreme, what can I say but agree a 1000%? Myra is becoming more n more interesting. Keep writing n delighting.

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      1. Yup. Proud to be a nerd. Never understood why people said scchoolarrr in a sing song voice as if it was a taunt. Always seemed like a complement to me, though I must admit I sometimes pretended to be offended to keep my friends happy. We all have our weaknesses as teens.

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  2. I used to wait for my new academic year, especially for the books. Till date I love the smell of new books. I was not a nerdy or padaku type..Even though I loved books and always scored well..but I also had a wild side and often got punished in school for mischief. I miss those naughty days. Loving this series. Is this series autobiographical?

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  3. Hmm…. the kids who are bullying Myra could also ask the same question that aren’t they free to do what they love?

    Well, everyone is free to do what one loves without having any fear. Myra is free to study and others are free to bully, but one thing is certain that every action has its reaction. This is the Law of Karma.

    Fear lies within oneself not outside. Fear of ostracization and being ostracized are two different things. Fear is under one’s control but not the actual incidence of ostracization. One may or may not succeed in avoiding ostracization but one can definitely overcome one’s fear.


    1. Hi Ravish I wouldn’t agree that one is free to bully. I strongly discourage bullying as the damage it causes is significant. One is free to study or not study that is definitely a choice. But not bullying. That’s a strict no


      1. Hey, Akshata, I agree that the damage bullying causes is significant and one shouldn’t bully, but there’s a difference between shouldn’t & can’t.

        One can’t walk on water. This shows that one isn’t free to walk on water. But, since one can bully, it’s clear that one is free to bully.

        It’s the other thing that one may have to face the consequences of bullying others. One may get punished or even get killed for bullying, but the consequences don’t take away one’s freedom to bully others.

        The thing is one is free to say you nerdy and you are free to break that person’s jaw. If the person is ready to face the consequences then it’s matter of choice only for that person.

        Suicide bombers know the consequences of their action. It’s their choice, and they can’t be deterred from the fear of death penalty because they have overcome the fear of death.

        See, if someone praises you, you’d most likely make the choice of being pleased or flattered. And, if someone insults you, you’d most likely make the choice of being offended. But, think about it: It’s still a choice.

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  4. Well, even I looked with raised eyebrows at studious kids only because i wondered why aren’t they interested in playing. But that never meant I looked down upon them. In fact, I used to think how much capacity they have to study.

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  5. This is so apt Akshata. I must say I’m loving the topics you are picking up so far. I had the same story and I used to take it on the chin and smile. It made me feel superior when I was called a nerd. I had trained myself to think that way. That said, people who like studying are often left out from many events. Happy to meet a fellow “Padhaku” ☺️

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    1. So glad to meet a padaku too. I think most people won’t get it, unless they have been subject to it. It’s really outrageous when people are being shamed for doing the right things.


  6. Hi Akshata! Love this post again…Im glad you chose this theme because it´s what you do best and more so, it gives us, the readers a glimpse into your life and their unique struggles. I´m sure it´s not entirely pieces of your life..but surely, Myra is largely you. Fearless as always, Akshata! 🙂

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    1. Not always Tina! I have my vulnerabilities 😊 but as you rightly said the character reflects a lot of my experiences though I put in some parts in the future chapters about “ wishful thinking”

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  7. Could absolutely relate to this. I don’t go around flashing my academic accolades but even today when I meet old school freinds, they dont remember anything about me except how I excelled in school. In fact some even ask me, ‘So topper how come you are not a CEO yet?’ I studied hard in school. Today I am pursuing my passion. I find both natural.

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  8. Great topic Akshata. Like the nerd protagonist Myra. You go girl. Conquer the world with your nose buried in a book. Let me tell you a secret. People are just jealous of teacher’s pets.

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  9. I think either the other kids felt threatened that they would not get good marks and would be comapred with yours and belittled by their parents/teachers or they wanted to play with you but never had the nerve to ask you as most are intimidated by serious peeps. I know I suffered this in school too till I learnt to let my hair down and enjoy life a little.

    Harry Potter by JK Rowling #atozchallenge

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    1. Well those are their insecurities they need to find a better way to deal with. Its often a misconception that people who are studious are not interested in anything else. To the contrary, there is much more to their personality (like in my case, I love dancing and can dance like crazy for hours together which people often find unbelievable that a studios girl can enjoy dancing)


  10. Pursue what you love. But if you are good at sports, too good, then you become the one with no brains, and like you stated, otherwise too. Many at school, though, give in to the judgement thinking they aren’t doing the right thing by trying to study all the time or are actually being “sissy”
    Well written!

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  11. I wonder where do the children get creative ideas of calling names! And at times, I have seen the grown ups also joining the fray. I was always called “too bold for a girl”; but hardly cared for it because the pleasure of being me or say in indulging in acts that gave me pleasure was far more rewarding!

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