Trade off #FFFAW #FlashFiction

Sana looked at the pristine waters, breathing in the fresh air. She was in her dream city Lucerne – not for a few days on vacation this time but for 2 years on an International Assignment.

Having spent her life in India, her trip to Switzerland had been a life changing experience. Not just the beauty, but the culture, safety, non judgemental attitude, being able to travel in the middle of the night without fear- she loved it all. She had made up her mind- she wanted to live in her dream city not like a tourist but a local person.

Her dream had come true today. She missed home, her parents, the friendly neighbours, chit chat and the delicious food back home, she missed Ajay.

Not everything was hunky dory, but isn’t life like that? You trade off things for something new, is it worth it? Time would tell.


Linking up with the wonderful Priceless Joy who hosts a weekly photo prompt flash fiction challenge.

17 thoughts on “Trade off #FFFAW #FlashFiction

  1. Akshata, you are so amazing and this fiction reflects the story of so many among us. This is what I like about you, the fiction you write and all the other posts pushes us to think. Sometimes, the sacrifice is worth it but maybe not and what matters is listening to the heart.

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  2. That is life! My mom says an idiom that can be translated as ” Those who have teeth don’t get nuts and those who have don’t have the teeth to chew them”


  3. I saw you in Sana, Akshata. Was this post inspired by your own trip to Switzerland? New experiences often call for a lot of adjustments but I feel it is completely worth the effort. There’s so much to learn and see outside the comfort zone that we have created for ourselves.

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    1. Actually I wrote about Switzerland as that’s the only place I know do well! Never actually thought about myself but as you rightly mention there is a lot in common 😊


  4. Choices come is life to trest our character; the resolve to stay on our course! I find sometimes I wan t something but then something else becomes more important and I realise that the first thing wasnt that important after al!! Only when I really want something and stay on course for it, do I get it!

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