Writing my destiny #FridayFotoFiction

As a child, I always dreamt of working in London.

Like the office goers, suited up, with a plush brief case and a newspaper in tow, I would march into King’s Cross Station and board the train. I would walk into a swanky office, do some big job and bring home money.Money which I could use to buy what I want and also buy nice things for my family.

The dream remained in my heart. I grew up, was married off and the responsibilities of a family thrust upon me.

I am 55 now and finally in my dream city, not in the way I had envisaged though,

After the demise of my husband, I moved in with the younger one in London.

I go to the King’s Cross daily, and sit, looking at the clock dreaming of a life that never was.

My eyes fell on a poster today “Second innings- its never too late to restart your career”

My eyes gleamed,my heart skipped a beat,that dream sprang to life once again. There was a light spring in my step today. I could see the line that separates dreams from reality thin down today.

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9 thoughts on “Writing my destiny #FridayFotoFiction

      1. Don’t mention it, dear. Strictly speaking, I’m still in the middle of a break. But this six word story prompt was released after quite a long while and I have always tried to participate. So I just couldn’t sit by and watch the prompt without coming up a story myself. 😁

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