Karma #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

She stood tall and proud,at the forefront, hogging the limelight.The most expensive and exquisite one-the owner’s pride.But she would lose her numero uno spot today.Word was out that the owner had bought an antique vase from Persia which cost him a fortune.

As he occupied the space beside her,she formulated plans to get rid of him,a slight nudge and he would come crashing down.The moment drew near,she was all set for tonight to reclaim her territory.

Thud..the sound reverberated and the owner came rushing to the spot- “Nancy she was my oldest and most precious vase,what have you done child?”

(100 words)

Authors note-Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

Linking up with the amazing Rochelle Wisoff for the photo prompt 100 word challenging  flash fiction


29 thoughts on “Karma #FridayFictioneers #FlashFiction

  1. The sudden introduction of Nancy confused me. I had to think hard about the story before realising that the broken vase was the narrator of the first part of the story – hence ‘karma’ of course…
    I love the idea of the vases jostling for pride of place!

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    1. No no Nancy is the little girl who mistakenly broke the old vase- the old vase wanted to destroy the new one but she met her own end due to her evil thoughts! Probably “Nancy ” in the story creates confusion, does it?


      1. Yeah, I had gone through the comments. It took me a moment but I did get the story. That’s alright. It happens. Sometimes what we write isn’t exactly what the readers perceive. Also, having to stick to the word limit makes it tougher. Don’t worry, dear. 😉 Lessons like these help us become better writers. Don’t you think so?

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