Finding my rainbow #SundayPhotoFiction #MyFriendAlexa

Baby Ocotillo looked at his Mumma, tears trickling down his eyes as he asked her the same question he had been asking since the day he was born. Why am I so barren? When will I bloom like other flowers? Is my life destined to be this plain and ugly? Why me?

Mumma Ocotillo smiled and told him in a sing song way “My dear you are special. Wait for spring to come and you shall bloom my love. Life is not always colourful and bright, there are sunny days and dark days. Bask in the sun when it shines and toughen up, learn to  face the not so good days and believe that this too shall pass”

Baby Ocotillo looked on with hope and waited for summer. And lo behold, the first rays of sun fell on him and a tiny leaf sprout. A few days later, much to his amazement there was a bud and his joy knew o bounds when he saw a flower.

In the next few days as he metamorphosed into a beautiful blooming plant , he looked at Mumma beaming with joy.

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“This too shall pass” he reminded himself as he began shedding leaves, bracing himself for winter with a smile on his face this time.

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14 thoughts on “Finding my rainbow #SundayPhotoFiction #MyFriendAlexa

  1. A poetical styled story, reminding me of the ugly duckling. This was a fine piece of flash, and I was pleased that you posted a picture of the Octotllo in bloom.

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