A Man’s Job #FridayFotoFiction

Tara looked at the clogged sink and cursed “Damn this had to get jammed today, of all the days. John is out of town and there is a strike, how on earth am I going to call the plumber?”

Reena was passing by her house when she saw the door ajar and walked in.

“Anyway I can help aunty, you don’t seem ok”

Tara looked at her 20 something neighbour, in 4 inch heels, manicured nails, the typical college girl and smirked.

“The sink is choked, now you Missy cant possibly fix it, can you?

Reena smiled- “be back in a jiffy”

In the next 2minutes she was back,dressed in baggy pants and a tool kit, a hammer in her back pocket.

Next half an hour,she had fixed the sink.

Tara was gobsmacked.

“Aunty my Dad taught me this, there is no man’s work and woman’s work, one must know everything”

(149 words)

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