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I just celebrated my 70th birthday. Its a milestone they tell me. For me it just seems like any other day.

Age is just a number isn’t it? I do feel as much in fact at times more energetic than my early days. People said I was so engrossed in my job that once I retire I may get into depression for I won’t know what to do with my life. Being single will only add to my woes. But much to their surprise, I am more happier and busier than I was.

A good friend suggested “Nightingales Elder Enrichment Centre” which can be thought of like a day care/activity centre for senior citizens- just like you have one for kids.  Senior people from different walks of life gather every day and we have a host of activities like quiz, singing competition , art, yoga, debates, talks, laughter session. We visit orphanages as a group sometimes. We also meet outside for a movie or a meal.

I spend my Sundays with Nysa, Arjun and the baby – whom I still call baby but is on the verge of teenage now. Having a strong bond with my daughter is something I cherish. She consults me on handling work conflicts and I ask her about the latest app I just discovered.

Megha breathed her last a year back but Sheena, Rashmi and I are still going strong. The monthly meetings have now become once in a quarter as its not feasible to meet often with Sheena’s deteriorating health and Rashmi having moved cities. Skype chats are a saviour.

Do I fear death? I fear becoming an invalid- losing control over myself and being dependant on others. When I go, I want to go fast. I cant imagine seeing my dear ones suffer as they care for me. This is not in my hands though. I can only hope my wish is granted.

Do I have regrets? Would I live life differently if I had another chance?  Not everything in life has been picture perfect. I had my share of bumps. But I do not have regrets for I lived life on my terms. Maybe I was lucky to have an understanding family, a spouse who supported me and an offspring who looks upto me, friends who stuck by me through good times and bad- but I also have an indomitable spirit.

A spirit who refuses to succumb, who fights for what it believes in and loves itself fiercely.

This spirit will leave my body one day and fly away- it will look longingly, a tear escaping its eye as it sees Nysa, Arjun, my friends, my darling “baby” cry, but it will wipe away the tear resolutely and set on a new journey. A new story is unfolding somewhere, a new journey is about to begin.

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My theme for the challenge is

“A slice of life through Myra’s eyes” – a fictional tale of growing up and learning some vital lessons about self love, feminism, sisterhood, a working woman and the essence of being a woman in urban India.  

Author’s note- A heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful readers who were a part of Myra’s journey from Day One. This journey would not have been as fulfilling and fun without you being a part of it. As we come to the end of the #AtoZChallenge, a part of me feels sad  for I will miss these conversations, comments, and everyday banter. Hope to see you all again as this journey of writing stories will not end.



37 thoughts on “Zest for Life #AtoZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Wow, seven decades with Myra has been quite something. She has had a beautiful full life and regrets are pointless. But Myra you may still have another 2 great decades. You never know. As the Vulcans would say, live long and prosper! Well done Akshata. A superb conclusion to the challenge and congratulations on completing it. Amazing we chos ethe same title for the last post even though our topics are so different.

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  2. Loved the way you have ended the story, Akshata! It ends with nostalgia, happiness and hope. I loved the fact that Myra says that life had not been picture perfect and that she had regrets. That is what life is. We do certain things that we regret later. That’s what makes us humans.

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  3. The final journey, the eternal truth. It’s scary to think about it. Great story Akshata, though I haven’t read from the beginning, still I am gonna miss her. But now I can read from the first chapter as I have all the time in the world.
    Congratulations on successfully completing the challenge.

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  4. Wow! A lovely message to be passed on.
    Accept the present, don’t regret over the past, count on your blessings, be hopeful and take charge of your life. And when the time comes to part away, leave behind pleasant memories to give way to a new beginning.
    Loved the way how you fill the paper with full of emotions, which makes an imprint on the reader’s heart. Glad to get connected with you via this challenge. Congratulations Akshata!

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  5. A lovely end to a lovely series. I hope to be able to read the entire thing soon as I was much too busy during the challenge to do justice to this wonderful writing. Congratulations on completing the A to Z.

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  6. Just beautiful !! I don’t know why but I don’t have words. A superb way to end the series. And yes, will remember Myra and her story for long. Congratulations on the completion of the challenge.

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  7. What a lovely end to the series! Beautiful and poignant. What you say about age and death is true. We should be alive till the day we can manage going to the toilet on our own. No point sticking around after that. Congrats on a successful AtoZ, Akshata. I’ve missed few of Myra’s episodes, will go back and read them.

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    1. Agree with you Varad. It’s scary to be dependent on others. Congrats to you for successfully completing the challenge as well. Very entertaining takes


  8. Ah! What a finish! Couldnt ask for any better, hopeful end.
    Congratulations Akshata for surfing the challenge with a great poise and elegance. So glad that we connected more frequently through the medium of Myra. Will miss her and may be meet her while facing life ahead!

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  9. What a beautiful way to end the series. On a hopeful note…looking forward to yet another journey.

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Do keep in touch.


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  10. Wow! This culminated on a great note. Loved witnessing Myra embark on a journey called life. Congratulations Akshata for completing the challenge successfully. You absolutely rocked❤️❤️

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