Why Does Parenting Seem Burdensome?

Watering The Root

Every day of our lives is spent making tons of choices. Choices govern the shape of; our day, our weeks, months, years and precisely how our entire life will play out. And add to that parenting. Not only are you making choices for yourself but also your child whether they approve of it or not.

This gamut of choices starts right at that positive pregnancy test and continues onward often amidst a whirlwind of dizzying advice, which is often contradictory, right from; what to eat or avoid during pregnancy, co-sleep or not, baby wearing or not, feeding styles which work best, to pre-school or not, say yes or no to TV, this class that class or simply free play and for working mums the dilemma is often more challenging.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that even the most informed and conscientious parents often feel burdened and become defensive about…

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