How blogging changed my perspective as a Mum!

My tryst with motherhood is what made me pick up the pen (to be honest the laptop) and start writing my thoughts and publish my blogs. I could never have thought in my wildest of dreams that I could pick up the pen and write something that would be of any interest to anyone to read. I count myself fortunate to have been bestowed with so much love, adulation and popularity and most of all some great friends in this virtual world.
If I think of how it has enhanced my perspective as a Mom, here are the few blog posts I wrote, each of which bring out different shades of my parenting journey and here is what I learnt from this:

1)      Being a Mum don’t lose “you”, keep loving yourself fiercely: As a Mum it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of emotions for your child, the daily routine sucks you within its grind but its importance you don’t lose sight of yourself. For me it’s my passionate love towards my blog which makes me find ways and means of coming back and keeping “the me “alive. My post dedicated to self-love
2)      Although we keep saying Stop Judging- the truth is it won’t cease to exist. So learn to develop a thick skin, toss your head and walk tall and proud. In the initial days of blogging, when people criticized my thoughts and it took an ugly form when they resorted to personal criticism, questioning if I am even fit to write, I was a bit shaken. But overtime I have learned to just rub it off and move ahead. As a Mum as well criticism will keep pouring in. It’s important to take it with a pinch of salt. My post which taught me some lessons in getting thick skinned
3)      Working or SAHM- we define our choices, both are challenging and rewarding. This has always been the biggest point of contention. Blogging made me meet some very talented and highly qualified Mums who chose to stay at home and I developed a new found respect for SAHM’s. Not that I had ever disregarded them but I had never given it much thought. While I love working and have solid career goals which I think have only strengthened after becoming a Mom, I am equally in awe of Mums who chose to take a different path. My post on the journey which isnever easy
4)      Lead by example- As a  Mum there is so much you want to tell your child- about the bitter sweet experiences life has meted out to you and how that has helped shape who you are today. Writing a letter to my daughter helped me look back at my  life, the mistakes I made and the lessons I learnt and I know that it has not been a smooth sailing but I feel a sense of pride looking at myself today as the experiences have made me stronger and wiser. The scars are symbols of strength that I have built.
5)      Learning to let go – Now this post that I wrote on a whim received incredible response and I was amazed at what a thought could do. Writing this post helped me prepare myself for the day when this toddler of mine who literally lives in my heart, walks away to make her own life. Yes I shall let go and I know it will not be an empty nest
6)      Not being hard on myself – If your child bides you goodbye as you leave for work with a smile on her face, does that mean she does not love you? If she happily stays with her grandparents or the nanny or at day care, does that mean you have failed as a mother? For a working mom these questions are always haunting her but for me, introspecting on my feelings, writing them down in my blogs and interacting with other Mommies through discussions helped overcome this dilemma. As Mums we are too hard on ourselves, thankfully I am kind to myself now.  

Blogging has been life’s greatest gifts I have discovered and it has filled me with a great deal of optimism.  As an individual and a mother it has shown me new perspectives, taught me the true essence of empathy and made my kaleidoscope of life more colorful and beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “How blogging changed my perspective as a Mum!

  1. This is such a heartfelt post Akshata. I agree with all the points you mentioned. Mom blogging has been like a wonderful journey with so many learnings. Thanks a lot for linking up with #MMM. 🙂


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