The Irony of Life- Bite size stories

  • The lights dimmed, all looks were on the ramp, the cameras were all aimed at the ramp entrance as she walked in – the show stopper with style and panache- the smile that she wore and the confidence that blazed in her eyes made her stand apart, like none other. There was a thunderous applause, she stole the show. 
Backstage as a crowd gathered desperate to meet her- she looked at herself in the mirror- half of her face which was scarred by the acid attack needed no scarf or stole today. She took out her phone to click a selfie- “at Lakme Fashion Week- look forward to NY Fashion Week”- she tweeted with a picture of her full face- something she hadn’t done since that fateful day.
  • “And that’s why I am passionate about having more women in our workforce, helping them grow as diversity is the key to success of any organization. Seeing women excel and empower themselves makes me feel in awe of them”. The Senior Director ended his speech on Women’s Day-followed by a loud applause.
At home, his wife silently wept as she applied burnol to her wounds. She shivered as she thought about the burns he subjected her to last night because the food was too spicy “Good for nothing woman, what do you do sitting at home the whole day? Can’t even manage to complete a no brainer task like cooking an edible meal without screwing it up. Time to show you your value now.”
  • Sasha lazily swung the remote from side to side as Kareena walked the ramp, holding her belly. She chatted away on the phone” Darling did you see Bebo’s ramp walk. She looks fabulous, gotta love Bebo for her style and oomph. She is giving new motherhood goals to all Mommies out there, its surely not easy for her with the huge belly, we all need to support Moms to be – it’s a strong message.” 
Kanta bai – please mop the corners and the balcony as well”- she looks irritated at her maid. “These bais I tell you- always finding ways to avoid work”. A 9 month pregnant Kanta bai sits on her knees, grits her teeth as she bends to mop the floor under the sofa.
  • “We believe in equality, irrespective of boy or girl. That’s why we have sent Mili to an English medium school just like Suraj”. Hansa Ben proudly tells her new neighbors as they nod in appreciation.
9 Pm in the Mehta’s house tells a different tale- Suraj is  watching TV as his mother lovingly feeds him aamras. Mili is busy frying puris in the kitchen.
  • Snehal’s Mother in law looks with a scorn at the young mother feeding her new born bottled milk in the hospital nursery. “Looks like you are not the only one Snehal who makes excuses to avoid breastfeeding her baby, there are many others like you- the new generation Mommies” she sarcastically laughs. Snehal looks down buried by guilt- at not being able to produce enough milk to feed her baby. She looks at the other Mom and silently tells herself “I won’t judge you sister for I know we are in the same boat”.
Mithali, unaware of this is bewitched by her baby. Multiple fertility treatments and 3 unsuccessful IVF’s later they decided to adopt- little Pihu belonged to her, she always knew that. She was born not out of her womb, but from her heart.
  • “A monthly maintenance of Rs 25,000 for the wife and Rs30, 000 for the daughter for the living expenses and the right to live in your house till a further decision is pronounced by the Court.” The judge announced his verdict- the lawyer protested- “My lord he doesn’t have that kind of income, he is about to retire how will he pay so much to them and that too when the wife is working and earning much more than him”- but the judge had already left his chambers.
Rajesh wiped the beats of sweat from his forehead. Women are always given a favorable treatment he said to himself. Seema passed by with a smirk and whispered – “This is just the beginning Mr Verma, watch how I make you a pauper and you will be in a position to do nothing but just watch. Serves you right for deciding to divorce me because you found out about my affairs See who has the last laugh now”
  • The 60 year old Mr Chopra surprised his wife with a bunch of roses- “My dear Mrs Chopra I am finally retired now, all your complaints about not being able to spend enough time with you, no conversations, love fizzing out, your loneliness- I will make amends for everything now. We will go see the world, I am booking a world tour and once we are back everything will be different, I promise”.
Mrs Chopra did not say anything- she smiled silently thinking about the past 35 years- the pangs of loneliness, being the sole parent of 2 boys, doing everything alone, no one to share her feelings with and now when she had found an outlet, things seemed better. I need to change my phone pass code and the tinder profile pic needs to be camouflaged she mentally made a note, the name of Ravinder has to be deleted first.
  • “The innocent poor souls who can’t even speak- the atrocities human beings subject them to in the name of jallikattu and other such practices is just so heart wrenching. We need to protect our animals let’s take a pledge people.” Evereyone clapped and praised her for the passionate speech.
A good speech it was – she said to herself that night as she sipped her wine and bit into the tender tandoori chicken. On second thoughts the chicken tastes divine, let me have another leg piece she said – I deserve one for the brilliant speech today. 
  • Boys don’t cry. That bitch – how dare she break up with me,  Screw her” – he said as he turned up the volume “Lets party harder dudes” he crooned as he picked up a beer bottle for bottoms up.
In the early hours of the morning once everyone had left and the mess cleared, he sat forlorn looking at the scrap book she had lovingly made for him on his last birthday and he burst into tears.
The last time he cried like that was when he left home for boarding school, who said “Boys don’t cry?”
  • “Our daughter is very sanskari, she is a perfect homemaker”. The father proudly proclaimed to her in laws to be while she kept her gaze transfixed to the ground. The marriage was fixed and sweets and gifts exchanged.
     Geeta looked across at Seema her buddy and through a light nod of the head asked her to check her phone “The email from the Marriage Court of Brazil had confirmed their marriage registration date in the next 10 days. “A few more days my love and we are out of his hell hole, there is no need for us to hide our love there. I love you Seema”

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