An ounce of faith #TellTaleThursday

I walk into the shopping mall, hiding my face carefully in the shawl. I look around frantically- at that man sharing an ice cream cone with his toddler, the grandma immersed in her book at Crosswords, the lovey dovey couple posing for a selfie and the man leering at me. Shouldn’t I boil with anger looking at his lust filled eyes? Surprisingly I feel good, I feel desired.

I walk into the lingerie shop and a sales girl immediately springs into action “Maam do you want to try out latest edition of our lingerie set from Paris?”

I smile, no one knows, no one sees it. “Yes” I croon in my silky smooth voice as she escorts me to the changing room.

Alone now, I pull down the scarf and lay myself bare. As I undress a few scars from the operation are still visible on my body and my face feels a bit rough.

Life has taken a detour, all it took is an ounce of faith, to take that first step- being trapped in a man’s body for years I couldn’t handle it any longer. Now I am me, in a body where I truly belong. The scars will vanish and life will be good just as I always dreamt- all I needed was an ounce of faith.

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16 thoughts on “An ounce of faith #TellTaleThursday

  1. Wonderfully written, Aks. First story I read in which the girl in the prompt is the protagonist. Most of us fell for those mesmerising eyes. You gave the character a life. Loved the twist. Well done.

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  2. Loved the twist at the end of the story. My first guess was she must be an abused survivor. An ounce of faith was what she needed to feel where she rightly belonged. good read.

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  3. Blue eyes believed in self and gave us a wonderful tale on the prompt. Thats an out of the box thinking, Akshata, your signature style, I must say!!!

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