Where has love gone? #TellTaleThursday

He ventured in today and took a seat in the corner. He listened to each of them as they shared their stories- stories of betrayal, pain, broken marriages, angst and how despite darkness that engulfed their life, they wanted to forgive and move on.

A self help group for those who were going through a divorce or had broken marriages- they spoke without any inhibitions , without judgement and with time they found themselves healing.

John was too bitter to talk about his past but he watched them from the window every week. Today was the first day he entered the room.

As the session came to an end, he hurried out.

He heard a voice, a familiar one- the one of the coordinator who moderated these sessions.

“Hi I am Irene, I have seen you here many times. Glad you came in today.”

“I think it was a mistake” he said averting his eyes. “I don’t think I am ready yet.”

“Its a start. You need not talk unless you want to. Letting go of the past is not easy but one has to do it, for themselves. Hoping to see you next week” she called out as he drove away.

She looked at the car till it disappeared around the bend. “Here’s to new beginnings”- she thought to herself as she took out a picture from her handbag- a smiling picture of her husband and her as they sat by beach, sparkling champagne glasses in their hand. The start of a new relationship as they tied the knot and their favourite song played in the background “We’ll both forget the breeze Most of the time.”

“John weds Irene, Milan, 2004.” the picture read.

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