Déjà vu #FlashFiction #TellTaleThursday

“In the hallway, they saw a corridor with several doors leading off it. Everything in the hall was covered in dust, as though no one had touched it for a hundred years.”

Maya walked through the corridor dazed. She was too astounded to express her thoughts. The dreams that had tormented her and the unanswered questions that had eluded her since years- here lay the secret key to everything.

The doors had magically given her all the answers. She knew that there was a bond between her and the royal family that once lived in this palace. Perhaps she was the Queen’s great grand daughter- royal blood ran through her veins. The thought gave her goosebumps.

Manav and the rest of the gang were huddled in a corner, whispering something. As she went closer, their whispers stopped all of a sudden. Her eye caught a piece of paper in Manav’s hand which he was trying to hide.

She snatched it in one go. It was a relic they had come across buried in the ground. Her hand trembled, in her hands lay the proof of her royal lineage.

As she read the words written, her world came crashing down. She sank to her knees and her sobs reverberated through the closed doors.

Her grandmother was the illegitimate daughter of the King. The Queen had been deeply hurt by this illicit relationship and in her grief had cursed the King, his mistress and the next 7 generations born to them- “dreams of this palace will haunt you forever- they will neither let you sleep nor let you stay awake. You shall burn in the same fire as me, your soul will be tormented, you shall pay for the sins of your ancestors.”

Linking up with Anshu and Priya who host a weekly fiction prompt for writers #TellTaleThursday

15 thoughts on “Déjà vu #FlashFiction #TellTaleThursday

  1. Nice take. It initial part of your story reminded me of the dreams of the Department of mysteries corridor harry used to have in the order of the Phoenix book. Interesting curse too. According to hindu beliefs, ssat phere signify being married for 7 reincarnations. So cursing 7 generation seems apt 🙂

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  2. Great story. The royal curse, it is still haunting and hunting. These old palaces have so many mysteries in their stomach pit. One only needs to unravel.

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