No longer a fairy tale #SundayPhotoFiction

Deep down in the woods, lay a big bad wolf who ate up little girls. So keep your eyes down, hide yourself in your cloak, do not talk to strangers and do not take a detour.

Wasn’t she bored of these silly rules which applied only to girls? So she broke them one day.

She looked up, smelt the fresh air, got rid of the stuffy cloak and danced in the meadow.

Out came the big bad wolf just as Mommy had told her.

Afraid she was, but she looked at him, straight into his eyes as he glared back. Here was a girl, a little one who dared him.

He growled, ready to pounce on her.

She flinched, only for a second.

“You will die a slow and painful death, you girl” he said to himself as his claw like teeth were about to close in on her neck.

At the same instant he felt a sharp stab, blood came gushing out of his heart as she stabbed him with a dagger. Again and again ruthlessly as her cold eyes bore into him. He fell dead.

“That was gross” Jimmy said as Little Tanya closed the story book. “Don’t mess with girls little fella, told ya”, she smiled.

Linking up with Susan who hosts SundayPhotoFiction a weekly challenge for bloggers.

13 thoughts on “No longer a fairy tale #SundayPhotoFiction

  1. Totally loved this version of the Red riding hood! It was fun and full of unch too <# loved the ending and the little narrator ๐Ÿ™‚

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